The renewable energy venture capital fund


The Southern Cross Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund (REVC) is currently welcoming investment proposals. 

Fund Overview

• A specialist venture capital fund looking for opportunities to partner with renewable energy

entrepreneurs with global aspirations.

• Committed capital of up to $120 million with 50% Softbank China Capital (SBCVC) and 50% from


• Managed by private sector fund manager, Southern Cross Venture Partners.

• Mandate to invest in early stage renewable energy and enabling technology companies.

• Support early stage growth companies through equity investment and then:

    – Catalysing the right connections;

    – Bringing the lessons of experience;

    – Acting as a trusted partner;

    – Sharing in the vision of our entrepreneurs to build great companies.

• Uniquely placed to help entrepreneurs looking to expand globally, with presence in the United States, Australia and Asia (through partnerships with SBCVC).


Areas of interest

Particular areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

• Smart grid / micro grid (IoT/SAAS)

• New materials

• New business models

• All forms of distributed energy

• Energy recovery (eg. micro hydro, waste heat)

• Modular/transportable renewables

• EV infrastructure enabling renewable energy


What we look for

• Entrepreneurs able to succinctly express the purpose and vision of the company.

• Businesses targeting large, growing markets that are ripe for disruption.

• Technology-based solutions with products or services that are differentiated and defensible.


For more information on how to pitch visit www.sxvp.com/what-we-look-for


REVC Portfolio

Interested in what we have invested so far? Visit www.sxvp.com/revc


REVC Flyer

Click here to download the REVC flyer on Dropbox.