Brisbane Materials

Brisbane Materials Technology has patented technology for high performance, low-cost wide-area coatings of porous silica and other materials across a number of markets including solar.



Hydrexia has developed novel hydride materials for low pressure, high storage density hydrogen storage systems.


Sunverge Energy

Sunverge Energy develops and manufactures distributed energy storage systems that change the way electricity is delivered and used


Octillion Power Systems

Octillion Power Systems Australia creates solutions for mobile and stationary energy storage applications tailored to the Australian market.



Disruptive energy retail model helping customers reduce their electricity costs with their unique EnergyPass.  Mojo is the first energy retailer to install smart meters as standard.



Geli provides software and business solutions to design, automate, and manage energy storage systems. Geli’s suite of products creates an ecosystem where project developers, OEMs, financiers, and project operators can deploy advanced energy projects using a seamless hardware-agnostic platform.





GreenSync uses smart software control to optimise the use of energy resources in electricity grids. Through smart control and coordination, more renewable resources and battery storage systems can be integrated into the grid, and participate in the benefits they bring.




Wattwatchers specialises in real-time observation, prediction and control of electricity over the internet for households and businesses, enabling digital-era solutions for 'new energy'.


BenAn Energy

BenAn Energy produces quality rechargeable Sodium-ion energy storage systems that are safe, eco-friendly and cost efficient. The technology originates from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.



Sunman logo.png

SUNMAN has developed its innovative flexible solar panel eArche that changes the way how solar is easily deployed, thereby making solar energy more accessible and affordable to all.


Boulder Ionics (Exited)

Boulder Ionics has developed new processes and technology for producing high purity ionic liquids and electrolytes.


UCT (Exited)

United Crystal Technology Inc. (“UCT”) is a solar PV manufacturer with a knowledge-intensive, asset light business model.  UCT is planning to establish profitable PV module production in Australia.