Mark Gill, Venture Partner

Mark Gill is a Venture Partner with the Southern Cross Innovation Investment Fund.  He has a particular interest in technology companies with ambition to scale rapidly based on their highly differentiated product or business model.  Marks strong networks in Australian and the US, combined with Southern Cross’ partnership in China with SBCVC have him well placed value-add companies considering international expansion across these markets.

Mark is also a Managing Director with Talu Ventures that was founded in 2012 with a portfolio of investments formerly managed by CM Capital Investments. Mark joined CM Capital in 2006 and spent five years as a Partner responsible for all IT and Telecom investments before co-founding Talu.  He is an experienced entrepreneur and senior executive with 23 years of operating experience in the technology sector. He has acted in General Management, Chief Executive, and Global Sales/Marketing capacities and has twice grown businesses as CEO to trade exit. With experience in developing, selling and delivering complex systems to over 30 countries and managing globally diverse technology companies, Mark has been involved in the many challenges facing entrepreneurs and developing companies in this sector. He has been based out of Australia and the USA at different times in his career and today sits on the Board of a number of companies around the globe.

Mark is an Electrical Engineering graduate from the University of New South Wales and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.