Autopilot is easy-to-use marketing automation that works for email, SMS and direct mail.



Brandscreen is the leading real time digital medial trading platform in the Asia-Pacific region.


CrossFiber designs and manufactures breakthrough photonic (all-optical) switches for data centers and fiber optic telco networks.


Effective Measure

Effective Measure has developed an online Audience Measurement tool that combines demographic information with direct-from-site data.



Mesaplexx develops compact, high performance filters for the mobile industry.



Mocana Corporation is an infrastructure security software company that develops solutions to secure networked devices.


Nitero is developing next generation designs for low power 60GHz wireless chipsets.



Pygg is a peer to peer payment service that enables people to easily send and receive small payments on their PC or smartphone.


Quantenna Communications

Quantenna Communications develops next generation wireless semiconductor technology for video and data streaming.



RMSS is an Enterprise Risk Intelligence solution provider, delivering integrated risk, compliance, event and claims management software.

SBA Materials, Inc.

SBA Materials has developed a patented Liquid Phase Self Assembly technology that enables the design of advanced siloxane-based materials for a wide range of technologies and applications from high performance logic chips to energy storage.


Shoes of Prey

Shoes of Prey is an online shoe retailer that allows women to design and order their own high-quality, hand-made, customized shoes.


Wave Computing

Wave Computing; Enabling the next wave of machine learning acceleration.



Wooboard is an employee recognition platform that helps companies boost engagement, productivity and staff morale.


Mantara (Exited)

Mantara develops global trading systems and solutions for the hedge fund and financial securities industries.


RIO (Exited)

Redfern Integrated Optics develops and manufactures optical transmitters based on proprietary planar external cavity laser technology for multiple markets, including energy, security, infrastructure and metrology.


Virsto (Exited)

Virsto has developed a software-defined storage solution design to optimise the use of external block storage in vSphere virtual infrastructures. Virsto was acquired by VMWare in 2013.